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Training Courses

Online Certified EKG Technician (CET) 2 and 4 Year National Certification Course: 2 years $189

As a Certified EKG Technician (CET), you’ll perform meaningful work in helping diagnose cardiovascular conditions. EKG Technicians assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular problems. Areas of practice for cardiovascular technologists include invasive cardiology, vascular cardiology, and echocardiography. An EKG technician is someone who works in the field of echocardiography. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the expected growth for EKG technicians is anticipated to be about 24% from 2018-2028.

The fee charged for the Two Year National EKG Certification:

$189.00-2 Year EKG Certification Digital Copy- By Email
$289.00-2 Year EKG Certification Digital & Hard Copy -By Email and Mail.


Become a Certified Professional DNA/Paternity Collector and help donors learn the truth about their child’s paternity. This is a great add-on for any testing business, law firm, or ancestry service. This service is used for personal assurance and as evidence in court proceedings. To be legally admissible in court, the DNA test collection must be conducted by a certified DNA Paternity collector.

This course prepares students to conduct buccal swab collections and the accompanying paperwork to be sent to any DNA testing laboratory for testing.

Why EKG Certification is necessary?

Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Medical Examining Facilities and Medical Offices all over the United States are extremely short-staffed.  Oftentimes patients do not get the attention of doctors that could save lives because they get too caught up doing paperwork or conducting simple yet time-consuming medical exams.  EKG is one such exam where doctors need help EKG Technician in saving time.  EKG technicians interact with patients, conduct EKG tests and prepare EKG exam results.

With the help of EKG technicians, Doctors can save time to save more lives and EKG technicians receive important medical experience and often an increase in compensation from employers.​The Standard CPR & AED course is a general workplace course for those who need CPR certification for their job or to meet OSHA requirements. This commonly includes parents, middle and high school students, & more.

Certified Phlebotomy Instructor Online Certification Course: 2 years $350

Join our elite group of trained & certified Phlebotomy Instructors and learn how to teach individuals, businesses, schools, and communities the most effective phlebotomy curriculum skills available.

Phlebotomy Instructor Certification Package: The phlebotomy instructor certification package includes Online Education Portal,  CPI ID Badge, Digital Certificate Copy, Certification Hard Copy, Presentation Materials, Phone Consultations, Workshops and Exams with Rationales.


Below is an extensive list of topics that will be covered in the phlebotomy Instructor teach the teacher course. The first part of the phlebotomy instructor certification will teach you how to teach students from A-Z. The second part of completing your phlebotomy instructor certification is the phlebotomy curriculum course. Please go to the bottom left-hand side of this page to view the (PREPARATION COURSE DETAILED BREAKDOWN).

Online-Medical Assistant Certification Training and Exam--2 years $350

This exam was devised for those individuals who have already acquired the proper training and experience required for a career in Medical Assisting. You must have completed a medical assistant program and provide us with proof by emailing training@bruenmedicalpartners.com or faxing to be eligible for the exam. This is a multiple-choice exam, covering all aspects of clerical and clinical procedures (basic and advanced), with emphasis on assisting in specialties, emergencies, and office surgical procedures. A Certified Medical Assistant certificate will be awarded to those who successfully pass the exam.

The following is an outline of the topics covered within the exam: 10% Standard Billing, Coding, and Payments, 10% Medical Records, 15% Labs, and Diagnostics, 10% Emergency and Surgical Procedures, 10% Injections, Pathology Math, and Medicines, 15%Assisting in Specialties, General Practice, and Infection Prevention, 5% Communication, Laws, and Ethics, 10%Assessment of the Patients, 15% A & P

Each certification exam is 100 questions with a passing score of 75 or greater. A time limit of 3 hours is allowed. The exam is taken on our website with your login information provided at registration. It may be taken at your convenience 24/7. Your score is provided at the completion of the exam. Only one attempt per payment. Certificates are mailed within one week of completion but may be printed from the website also.

Online DOT Specimen Collector Training: Regulations Plus Mock Collections: $350

This online Specimen Collector Training course covers the DOT rules and regulations for professional specimen collections for drug testing and includes the required 5 mock specimen collections.  At the end of this online course you will test on your knowledge of the DOT rules and regulations, 49 CFR Part 40 and complete the required 5 mock collections for full specimen collector certification.

 Complete DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Online Training (units I-VII & unit VII): $450

Complete BAT training. Includes WBT units I-VI above and mock collection oversight by webcam (must use your own equipment).

We currently offer certification on the following equipment: Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0, Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 BT, Lifeloc EV 30, Lifeloc FC10 & FC20. Intoximeters Alco-Sensor IV, Alco-Sensor IV w/memory, & RBT IV.

DOT BAT Rules & Regs Training Course - meets DOT requirements for Units 1-7. Unit 8 EBT Training separate. This is a Web-Based Training program (WBT) we use to assist our Instructors in meeting DOT's training requirements. This training is offered on-line and provides Units I-VII of the required training in a DOT Model Course equivalent format. This interactive training program allows the student to study the DOT rules and regulations at their own pace and is designed to replace in-class training requirements of Units I-VII of the DOT Model Course. The WBT delivers consistent and accurate information about the DOT rules in a style that engages the trainee. Audio and visual explanations and repetition of the key points help students learn the material, pass the Unit quizzes and the overall Mastery Test. Study at your own pace? feature of the program offers flexibility for the trainer and the trainee. It reduces the preparation time and class time required by both parties, as well as providing a resource to allow the trainee to find answers to questions in the future. In addition, it provides the trainer with a foolproof method of ensuring that the student has actually completed the WBT self-study program, which is one of the DOTs training requirements.

The WBT meets the requirements of the rules and regulations portion of DOTs qualification training. 

Online and In-Class Clinicals - IV Certification – Medical Assistants / Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP): $800
The growth of the use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) is a trend in our society.  Unlicensed individuals are now performing procedures that have traditionally required a license.  Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) refers to those healthcare workers who are trained to function in a supportive role by providing patient care activities as delegated by an RN or physician, but are not licensed to perform nursing tasks; it also refers to those healthcare workers who may be trained and certified, but are not licensed.  Examples of unlicensed assistive personnel include (but are not limited to) certified medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, patient care technicians, phlebotomists, dialysis technicians, anesthesia technicians/technologists, and emergency medical technicians.

This 11-hour IV Therapy Certificate Program (often referred to as “IV Certification”) is designed to provide Medical Assistants (and other unlicensed healthcare personnel) with an introduction and overview of IV therapy, including current standards of practice, special patient populations, legal aspects, a comprehensive review of current peripheral venous access devices and the peripheral IV catheter insertion procedure, as well as site care and maintenance recommendations. IV medication & fluid administration considerations are also discussed.

Online and In-Class Clinicals IV Therapy Education for Nurses: $800.00

Designed for: Individual Use: Who May Purchase This Program: RN's & LPN's (whose State Board of Nursing does not require a specific number of hours or hands-on practice to be included in the course curriculum) This course meets the requirement for FLORIDA LPN’s only when paired with our 4-hour IV Skills Lab for Nurses.

We recommend that this online course be followed by skills practice/validation with a qualified clinical preceptor at your place of employment. When the IV Therapy Education online program is purchased, you will be sent an email (within 1-2 business days) with instructions and a link to access the program. Once you log in to the program, you will be able to print out the course workbook. There will be a Post Test following the Program. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion (reflecting contact hours for nurses) will automatically be emailed to the individual who purchased the program. NOTE: The practice of IV Therapy must be performed according to an individual’s State scope of practice for their discipline and/or level of licensure. It is the responsibility of each participant to maintain his or her level of proficiency on an annual basis.

Online-Geriatric I.V. Therapy: Age 65 & Beyond:  $249.00

Designed for: Individual Use
This program was designed to educate healthcare providers about the difference between geriatric patients and other adults in terms of health care needs. Content includes the major normal physiologic changes in the geriatric patient; positive nursing actions that will promote proper I.V. therapy practice; appropriate interventions for major complications associated with I.V. therapy practice; proper venipuncture procedural steps to successfully access the geriatric patient’s veins; and the potential complications related to the administration of I.V. medications and I.V. fluids in the geriatric patient.


Online-Fundamentals of Current I.V. Therapy: $249.00

Designed for: Individual Use
Who May Purchase This Program: Nurses and other interested healthcare personnel


We strongly recommend that this online course be followed by supervised hands-on skills practice/validation with a qualified clinical preceptor at your place of employment.

Online-Legal Aspects of Infusion Therapy: $249.00

Designed for: Individual Use
Who May Purchase This Program: Any healthcare provider who practices IV therapy


 Online Only: Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT): $350

Our phlebotomy exam is offered to those who have already acquired 50 or more venipunctures. Proper documentation of this experience is required before access to the exam will be granted. To be eligible to earn an NPCE certification, the individual must meet ALL of the following requirements:

*Possess a High School Diploma or the equivalent.
*Have successfully completed a training program or one year of work experience within the field.
*Have a clean background check.
*Vaccinations and booster shots. You must get the required shots as well as a tuberculosis test.
*Training/work experience must include a minimum of 50 successful venipunctures and 10 successful capillary sticks.
*Candidates must be able to provide written proof of training or experience and/or documentation of education completion.

*The examination fee of $125.00 is due upon the submission of the application.

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